Sunday, May 15, 2011

Look me in the eye and tell me that I am satisfied.

I am satisfied. Thank you Replacements. Some days are more satisfying to lose my mom persona and feel more free, less mature. ...back when I was listening to these solid bands like Violent Femmes. Good Feeling...wishing it would stay just a little bit longer. These pictures are just a glimpse for me to see an alter ego....provocative girl. I am sure my husband is surprised too. Its nice to throw a curve even to ones self.
I am feeling healthy andstill very tired and playing the waiting game. I do feel like its still there and we need the radiation to keep blasting and working awhile longer. I think maybe they wait longer to see results so they can say its a recurrence and not persistent disease, it must look better onthe books like they didn't miss something.
The boys are awesome and crazy at the same time. My current complaint is I am yelling "pull up your pants" way too often. I hope its a normal phase and not creepy. I assume that I did the same thing and thankfully there are no pictures.

I forget that I am a women until I see this picture. Wow I am real. All moms should go and see another side of themselves. All women everywhere should see another side of themselves too. Sometimes a lens can see thru to our souls and we look unrecognizable and its offputting and wonderful at the same time. I don't know who the real one is I think its probably the one without the makeup that wipe snot off my kids nose onto my sleeve and just folds it up. Yeah thats the one.