Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pack up and bail day 6.

Day 6.

Okay so I was super loney and felt isolated so I bailed. I am now at the Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica. Absolutely on my terms.
Oh yes !!!!
First I started my day with a hike to Sadle Point. It was a great hike yet I felt it was easy...oh yeah I'm a hike snob now. We did aout 1.3 miles in 50 minutes and assended 1000 feet. Pretty freak'n good. It totaled about 3.5 miles total and it was the shortest I've done...yes I could have done more since I am an athlete now...Oh yeah!! Then was the last chance workout about 1.5 hours of circiut training. boy it was hot and I am sunburnt. But I am clearly an athlete now and it was easy...haha.

This is my view from my treadmill at the Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. I checked in and then found the hotel gym...Holy Shit these kinds of gyms are nice. Hada rosemary/cucumber water and I watched my favorite movie Super Trooper and just past that was the ocean for a view. I kicked out about 2.5 miles run then had a chauffuer drive me down to dinner. They must have thought I was special because the owner had to come chat with me...yes Salvidor I love the Blue Oyster Plate restaurant. I was super health conscience... to the point I turned away homemade sweet potatoe chips..Crazy!
I am being totally selfish since I could have driven home and been with my kids and Ray but I chose to do more" me" time. I am worthy and will show the world that I can make a difference!
Thank you Ray fro allowing me to become a better me. I love you and apprieciate you!!!!!
PS Thank you to Aunt Kim for making the kids feel special! and for the awesome meals, you rock! Thank you Aunt Tracy for helping and cupcakes. Thank you mom for helping. they love hot grandma Annie. Ugh I hate that phrase. but you were good! Thank you for everyone that helped Ray and made my trip successful and worry free. i needed this and appreciate all the efferts.
Oh my gosh I totally forgot...Here are my stats.
I weighed in at 6:256 am. so it really was a full 5 days.It was before my hike and workouts.
I lost 3.1 pounds and 4 inches.
I lost .9 % body fat which is super hard to do!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

5 is a lonely number.

Day 5.
Well it's been a little rough. I feel sore and that I am pushing so hard and I am afraid of the measurements that will happen tomorrow morning, I do need a positive boost.

I did a hike about 5.5 miles on the sand it was hard and I was struggling but it was beautiful. There were so many mussels washed up on shore I could only think of white wine sauce and linguine noodles.

The hike was called Point Dume and it was all the way down to the end of that picture.
The gang from Van 6 and 7 rocking it. I did have to do a swim class again and again. Twice is too much. I had a fun/funny disco jam class with John and I have so little skill and coordination that I should have faked a sprain and sat out.

The caolories were low yet food was pretty good today...EXCEPT they served mushroon soup. Why? doesn't it grow in horse shit? maybe it doesn't but I passed on it after 2 whole sips.
Best quote today " You can be given wealth and oppertunity, yet you must earn your health."
I will keep you posted.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweat some more please.

Day 4.

Super awesome hike today at Reagan Ranch, the Ronald Reagan family donated this old horse ranch to the Parks dept. I hiked over 6 miles and ran much of it. I was able to hang with Van 7 the advanced group. Wow! I still run and pant like a women in labor.

The running trails were rocky and beautiful with lots of greenery, I
saw a deer too. We came across the old filming area of MASH the tv series, there were still jeeps and the famous sign.

The rest of the day was very good I had a balance ball class and a lecture and met Ramon and Jessica from season 12, they were very inspirational and I think we will hear wedding bells soon for them. Oh then swim class which I am seriously dreading yet may learn to control the look that I may be drowning. I had a great treading class, its were you go 5 minutes high then 5 min recovery then 4 min high and hard the 4 min recovery and so on. Well I ran at 8.6 minute miles miles and covered over 4.75 miles in one class. I wish they were filming since I looked like a rockstar...okay a strung out sweaty rockstar. I felt great.
Shut up and sweat, is my new mantra.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ashes to ashes we all fall down.

Day 3.
This hike was breath taking, It was called Charmlee about 5-6 or more mile. Parts looked like the Sherwood forest and they even filmed Robin Hood near here because the oaks hang like a great canopy. See even the trees are tired.

This hike was my favorite, probably for its beauty and this unusual guide named Colter, he is called the snake whisper. I crossed paths with a 5 foot long gopher snake and he ran up to hold it. Well last yeat he was bitten by a rattle snake and recieved 40 units of anti venom and was in the intensive care unit for 7 days total . Just the guy I want picking up snakes with me. He knew alittle about a lot...which is my claim to fame, most facts that are helpful come from snapple lids. Great day.

The food was just okay today. Boy was today rough for the workouts I sure needed my strength. I had a crazy hard mountain class another 3 miles there. Then my new favorite kickboxing..I am in love with hitting sh!t. 2 pool classes in the body odor flavored water.
I did cap tonight off with a massage and she even rubbed between my toes which also seem to hurt.
Parts of the day where very tough I called Ray and said I wanted to go home, it gets emotional here when you are left to think on these long hikes and reflect. My dad always told me he was only quiet on the outside. My biggest worry was that I was quiet on the inside.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No fat Tuesday here.

Day 2.I am thinking the board is looking short onthe calorie intake today, but the food was so good. I am now watching the clock for meal times. Horrible habit I am developing. Like right now I have 12 hours until I can eat again.
This is the group from bus 6. Oh yeah we rocked the hike 6.4 miles over 1100 calories burned. The hikel was called Newton Canyon its part of the backbone trail we went up to an overlook of the Pacific Ocean up towards Zuma ridge. Now I know how the stars name their kids after horrendous trails.
I did a cardio interval class which was awesome I went about 3 more miles, then a total toning class that sucked so hard, my arms were shaking so badly...remindds me of the barely heard Who song "Maryann with the shaky hands" ...oh what those hands could do..

The pool here at night, it looks so lovely but it is full to the edge of sweat. 2 pool workouts today, they are so hard....especially to make sure that I don't get a mouthful of water.
Its been a good day only my left knee hurts and my right heel and my left elbow and my head. Earlobes don't hurt one bit.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Achey breaky headachy

First and formost. Happy 6th birthday Byro, that was the day that changed my life and your daddy's forever.. I am blessed to have you in my life. I miss you today.
Day 1.

Up at 5:30 for stretch class. This is Latigo Canyon in Malibu, it was a rough up and down 6.2 mile hike and took about over 2 hours. 1100 calories burned. Then onto another stretch class, and circuit training and pool workout then the core training which broke my core. Altogether today I burned over 3000 calcories.

I was feeling pretty good on the hike, probably because the detox part had not kicked in. I have such a headache, its from dehydration or no caffine or no wine or that I feel like i'm starving. I do remeber this gets better.
Here is the meal plan of the day, I did skip most of the carrot soup and actually skipped the dessert, that was shaved ice with cranberry juice on it...PASS.
I am having a snack of Advil and water hope I wake up tomorrow.My head is ready to explode and I feel that my brain is shrinking, it needs more fuel.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday suits me fine.

Today is my day, really, I am ready to shed my life as a mom and wife for a week andI left for the fat farm again. I am celebrating my 42nd birthday today at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu. See don't I look excited??
I get to be selfish, namely I get to sleep diagonal and shower without a dog or 2 yr old pulling the curtain back to see what I am doing. I am excited to not have to tell Byron I don't know how to help him with the DS gaming system every 5 minutes..Sounds good but I just hung up with the kids and I like the chaos and am missing it right now.
I did flake on this blog for quite sometime but I don't mind revisiting it. I hope the 7 hours of working out jump start me, so far today I had:
1. Breakfast in bed care of Ray. Awesome. calories unknown.
2. Wine on the beach in Malibu, birthday calories don't count.
3. Dinner at the resort. 400calories.
Exercise 0.
This week will serve as a painful truth that my ass is almost as big as I am tall..clearly I must grow taller.
I will keep you all posted