Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the 7th day the Lord rested..

I hope that it doesn't sound like I am the Lord, but did I rest.Amen. I must be getting more religious in Mormon country but have yet to pick up a sister wife for Ray to aide in my wifely duties. Wheww.

Heidi, Cherise and I went to a movie and it felt like we were inthe real world except I could only smell the popcorn and couldn't have any diet soda and passed on the whole box of licorice I would eat before the movie was 1/2 over. Water only at the theather I had never done before.

The newbies came in all bright eyed and excited boy they will surely have a differant look by this time tomorrow, if they only knew. I feel like a pro here.

Okay the hard part to write.............we had our weigh in and it was alittle, lets say devastating. I lost only 2 pounds, I busted my butt and increased my intensity everyday and I feel stronger and my pants fit alittle cutier inthe butt, yet I needed a measure of my success and didn't get that today. I know I gave 100% and I am not sure I can push harder this next week??? I am well supported here by great people and even better bras, what would I do without those?

All right folks I will be here all weak ooopsy week.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 6, if I could I would pick up sticks.

Colbie Caillat concert was so hard to stay awake for, we all were drfting off and some flat out slept. I cried when I saw a lady walk by with her baby, it was just too much for me to take I miss my little boys so much, but of course I am right on schedule for the emotional stuff that hits while here, we are finally giving ourselves time and I am not mommy for 2 weeks, its good but I miss that role.
Today was the timed stop sign hike, we must try to push past our Monday time. Well Well Well I beat it by 12 minutes. 1 hour and 7 minutes that part is 4.4 miles up hill. I did another 1 1/2 miles down for about 6 miles this morning. I was very pleased so many people jammed up that stink'n hill. We are all pushing the bar up. It feels great to be around some many people that don't quit when it burns like fire. I almost hate to say it but I might look alittle smaller. This may be working.

Paulette these are for you, your daughter flew up that hill and beat her time by 12 minutes too. I really like being around Jerica, her energy is great. This is a picture of her darn near making out with the stop sign that we love to hate.

Jerica loving the stop sign.

Suzie fromthe Biggest Loser season 2 was here this week and I remember eating dessert and drinking wine every Tuesday and cheering her on from my couch, so it was nice to cheer her on here and have her in my corner too. Man can we disco jam together.
Well Sat is a half day, sounds like we are slackers huh? We already did a 2 .5 hour hike and a curcuit class that is finally giving me some biceps and we can have some time to crawl back into pjs and watch the girlie movies I brought from home and read a book and take a bath wow I feel like I am on vacation, except the ice is on my ankle and not in a alcoholic drink.
Roomie Cherise and I are finally in the room together at the same time and I am so looking forward to her karaoke tonight, I hear she is a rock star and I will expect lullabyes every night. The graduation ceremonies for the departing folks should be emotional its hard to commiserate with people for a whole week and then have them go back to the real world.
Special note to Cat Cee you will do fantastic.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 5. Im making enough change to invest in myself...

Lets start if off with a kickboxing class at 6AM to get the juices flowing. I think that was a great class, but the best part was the stretch at the end when I got to hug myself. AWWW It hard here without friends and family to be schmoopy with. This group is super supportive and making friends is easy but you know they will leave soon so that becomes difficult, I will miss some women that I have become very close with, Joanne has been a great cheerleader for me here.

I did a almost 4 mile hike into West Canyon and then ran it out so that felt good all before 10:30 am. Who knew I could do this? I didn't even know. I did a circuit classa aftert and next to a girl that is a amazing athlete, Lianne she can power and it was nice to have her near me so I could try and keep up with her numbers, I was doing 7mph on the treadmill and level 12 on the bike. Boy I was impressed with her and wanted to keep up. The most fun I have had sweating buckets was in Disco jam class and it rocked, I did it twice . I will look like a crazy person on a dance floor now with these moves. OOOOWWW. Maybe I can try them tonight at the concert.

Every muscle is still aching and I walk like a penguin, but I think elite athletes look like that too sometimes. There was a pro football player here and he said they only workout 5 1/2 hours a day during the season and we workout more than that, today I did 7 hours of exercise. Can you imagine? Maybe I could be a kicker for the Chargers???? HUMM I will ask for an application.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 4 Mushrooms belong in a pasture.

Today I hiked Snow Canyon pretty much alone, I did the stop sign hike and beat my Monday time by 2 minutes. 1 hour and 17 minutes is impressive, I think. Then I did another couple of miles down for a total of 6 1/2 miles. I was reminded of something a high school friend has said "What 1 hour out of your day? You can do anything for 1 hour." His words are a mantra I need to repeat about 7 times in a day here.

Today I began to feel small, not in pant size, but really dwarfed by the huge mountains, and also realized that I have not connected with the world around me. Its beauty is so vast and I have only just become to see its true colors, (thank you to Cyndi Lauper)

After returning to the ranch I went off to the pool and now know I must have been beaten down into submission because I loved it, really enjoied it, weights and all. The sweat water now tastes like the Pacific Ocean or a great sushi roll. I liked it so much I did 2 classes of it today.

Lunch oh my I have loved everything so far, until today. Dreaded mushroom soup, proof here that I did try it. The verdict was a thumbs down. The calorie intake for the whole day would have been 1081ish but I skipped out of the breakfast and ditched the soup and traded out the dinner so my intake was less than 1000 today.

One would think I could eat the back side of my hand by now but I am still a finicky eater. I refuse to love mushrooms and the next thing you know tomorrows menu may have pickle soup and I promise I won't ever try that, that will never change.I don't have Kim here to eat it for me.

I continued with on to treading class and went another 3 miles on the treadmill going up to 7.5 mph. I was very pleased with myself and had a good time loving the pain, since you see we have very little entertainment here.There was sa ball work class here and it was all quads and abds ugh it hurt pretty good too.
I only had 1 lecture today it was a cooking demo, so I treated myself to a massage (thanks to Lynette) It was fantastic, Nacole was a god send until she put her fingers in my ears then tugged at my earlobes, I have to believe there are no muscles there and I am certain it was the only place on my body that didn't hurt.
Tomorrow a group is going to a concert we are going to see Colbie Caillat, leading this group is Jim from Wisconsin a real "cheesy" funny guy. I think I am going to like him, he is a seasoned guy around here kinda like tabasco.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3, Can I break my own barriers?

I am finding my inner strength and I forgot I had it. I can't believe I can wake up in the 5's o'clocks and start a day of adrenaline pumped up exercise. Who would have thunk it? Well I did start with a 3.75 mile bike and 1 mile eliptical, machines I had never used before then went out on a 4.5 mile hike to Third Ravine which was hard due to the rocks and I worried I would break my ankle any minute and need a helicopter ride out, since I am not yet small enough to be carried out successfully. All this on only 283 calories.

The gang took this shot in a real bat cave,
no bats seen but I do feel like I could fight
evil doers. The hike was evil going up the bowl but I will do it again.

Then onto a circuit class, which was awesome using weight machines and cardio. My Achilles started hurting pretty bad last night and actually felt like an arrow through it. Weird sounds mythical but was very real. The cardio aggravates it but I plod on, just to wait for a new pain to take the place of the old one.
The dreaded pool followed, I think its the most challenging since I am only a Pisces by sign and I keep swallowing the salt water which turns out to be sweat water.
My favorite part of the day was kickboxing and I think I needed to knock some walls down maybe a few barriers I have put up myself. I was loving this, okay not during the whole thing but my after glow was hot. Then onto mountain training which killed in a good way when it was over I went3.2 miles at up to 5.2 mph. I actually have come to enjoy the dizziness after the big pushes up hills as a new drug.
I completed this day on only 1093 calories.
We took a trip to Target tonight and I saw 2 real live poligymists, prarrie outfits and bad buns and knew they may want recruit me after my 2 weeks are over as a hot new wife....only in Utah, sorry no picture of them but I was excited.
I will let you know about my new adventures tomorrow and must say this a incredible group of people. Oh and to Jerica's mom, she is doing great.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 2 I can push harder.

I was on top of the world today, I pushed myself so hard and didn't break, we will have to see if I can get out of bed tomorrow.

Started the day with a 1.7 mile run on treadmill at 6am since I could barely move and thought I would die for the rest of the day during the hike. Then my toast and fruit smoothie to tide me over for the hard morning to come.

I did a 5 mile hike to Chuckwalla its so beautiful but cold, the great pictures showing the scenery suck because it was so cold you can see my nipples in every stinkn picture. Im afraid to post one but I might as I write this...
I had a great streach class and almost fell asleep since it was the first time I had to stop all day. Then during my 15 minute break between "events" ie classes, I called Ray, he has only been getting phone calls while I am going to the bathroom, again its the only time I get to stop during the day. We drink so much water here so we get an excuse just to go sit down for a minute on the toilet. It really is a "rest"room here.
Then come the pool which still sounds so nice, but no, it is like treading water and today they added weight inthe pool "what the heck" as Byron would say.
Then a cardio interval class I ran another 2.9 miles at 6mph on the treadmill. Then dinner and a lecture. All of this was done on 1223 calories, I feel like a pig. Ha
Byron wants to know when I am coming home and its only day 2 ugh thats the breaking point of my day not any of the physical stuff, but I will push on and look at the beautiful flowers Annemarie and Rob sent and I will start it all over again.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1 Rude awakening to my body.

Wow what a day Look at me all niave and bright eyed. I had no idea what that 6am picture would foretell. I did a hike today the infamous "stop sign hike" and I will never look at a stop sign the same.I think I love them now. It was a 4.4mile ascend up to 4000 with snow and all on the ground. I would have like to be done but you must climb down.. oh that part. I went about 2 1/2 miles down and ran the last so we could make the van back to camp. I met a nice girl that helped push my envelope to the brink of tearing.
Right after that I did a mountain class where you are on a treadmill and go faster ever 5 minute and I went another 2.7 miles. Then to the pool in extreamly bitter cold wind for aerobics. It was not easy at all and drowning started sounded like a good out. Then to circuit training which was fun but hard. Then the finale was a step class and all we did were squats with weights, who thinks of this? I did my whole day on a mere 1093 calories.
I am so sore, I feel muscles I don't remember having, I think I feel my uterus aching and in pain from today, it might be my fallopian tube, I just dont know ?I will sleep and start the day over tomorrow at 5:40am.

My roommate is great we stayed up til midnight talking last night and she didn't even stumble in drunk after a day in Vegas. She has clued me in here and I will make t he most out of this place and become a better me through all this hard work that is kicking my butt off, I am not loving the "during" part of exercise but I will love the after. This is now what I am obligated to do for my health.
Chow for now..oh I can't stop thinking of food though its great here, I'll try and take a picture of it before I scarf it down tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arrival day at the ranchand intro to freaking out 101

Okay I have arrived safely at Fitness Ridge and was not escorted off Southwest for needing 2 seats due to my own seat. Whew dodged one bullet.
I am in my room and have yet to meet my roomie but I see no breathing apperatice for her sleep apnea that I have just imagined for her. Whew another bullet dodged.
I am so nerveous that I heard nothing at orientation I think it was the teacher from the old Charlie Brown episodes. I was only thinking of how Ray will be up all night or will he? He can't seem to hear the baby cry when I am home HUMMM it might seem quiet to him tonight. I will no doubtly sleep like an baby should.
Poor roomie I may have to check her and see if she needs a diaper change and give her a bottle and then burp her. I think I have created a monster and I am sure she will be great, I hear she is in Vegas and only good shit happens there. I hope she smuggles in some vino and we can break bread together and become fast friends. Thats right no wine or bread...hope the friend thing pans out. I am looking forward to it.
Tomoorow starts at 6am. more to fallover..opps follow.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready or not...

Today I made the leap in to my 40s, it just can't be. That is a huge number beacause thats the amount my Dr told me to lose so I know firsthand that it is a huge almost unreachable number. Well I am here and it feels fine..actually I now feel slightly seasoned with a newfound wisdom that only comes from aging like my favorite cheeses peppered with mold on a water cracker or soft bread, or a nice red wine that has mellowed in oak. This birthday week was the perfect length thanks to great people that surround me, I was allowed to gradually accept this 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday with ease. Thank you my friends.

I "leaf" (ok leave) in 2 sleeps to the Biggest Loser resort. I made my reservations Dec 1st at 165 pounds and a mere 2 feet tall...okay I am just over 5 foot, but then built quite round. I now am 150 pounds and no taller. So I must grow another 5 inches in height to be less obese and less than 30 BMI. AHH so here it is a picture that shows my tummy. I do plan on an after shot with much smaller leaves if I attain favorable results. So the pinapples on my ass did not make the cut for the before shot and I am mildly disappointed.

I know I am on the right road as my youngest sons first words are "mama" and my oldest son turns 4 tomorrow and I just 4 decades older than that begin to work on me with a little more devotion so I can become a little less rounded and a little more well rounded.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Me Day

Here is my big hill that I must stroller Byron and Pierce up and down. It doesn't look like much but I have to get sea level and then accend to Tsunami free zone where I live. Ugh it is even hard for my car to drive up.

Byron and Pierce this morning on the way to school, 32 lbs for stroller, 33 lbs for Byron and 21 lbs for Pierce.
This is Tracy and Kim taking me and my new straight hair out to 40th birthday dinner last night(a birthday hairdo thanks to Rebecca at Pure salon I love it love it) We had a great night and I ate like a pig since in a few days food and wine will be obsolete. These pictures are from my new super cool camera from them so I can blog properly. I will get the hang of this.
The before picture has been taken and will post in a day or so....stats to follow. Last nights cheese and chocolate fondue will not be seen on my thighs yet. 5 sleeps until I leave. 4 sleeps until Byrons 4th birthday party withh 9 foot long snake and spiders and bugs EWWW.
Huge props to my dear husband who planned successfully a suprise 40th birthday for me on Sat with about 40 dear friends that can keep a secret damn well. I had the headache the next day to prove it was a smash. Thank you all and I really am enjoying this aging thing. I am thinking the me I am suppose to be might still be a party animal. I need to keep that in check. Thank you all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

I was starting to feel pretty good about myself then of course as my arrogance grows something or someone thumps me onthe head. Wow yesterday someone asked me if was was pregnant. ACKKKK.Actually it was worse than that he patted me on my tummy...okay my food baby. I was so taken aback that I just need a good and darn near vile rebuttle for these situations. But I warm my readers never ask a women if she is pregnant, I expect an Ob/Gyn DR to ask why Im there and assume its my pubic hairs showing and not a baby crowning. Never ask,if you don't know. AHH I feel better, did it sem like I was yelling?
Well I have 8 more sleeps until I arrive at the ranch and I feel ready since my baby Pierce has just slept through the night for the first time ever I am so proud, his timing is perfect for my poor husband. We also had slumber party last night, well Byron had his friend Max over and Ray called at one point and said "HELP" I do think its becoming crystal clear the fear of single dad weeks ahead. He had one boy with a bloody nose one pooped his pants and another poked with a stick inthe neck. Sounds like his hands were tied behind his back. Weird because I got home and everything seemed fine. Poor Ray.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The road to success is starting to look paved.

Okay its 26 days doing some sort of activity...not just watching Oprah (which burns like NO calories) I have been picking the kids up from daycare withthte stroller and that means pushing about 90 extra pounds up the 11%grade hill be live on. I have also been watching my wine intake since Dec 1st and that means watching the bottle collect more dust and crying from missingit . So I have actually been losing water weight with every tear of longing for my lost libations. I am now down 14 pounds and am considered a light weight now...inthe wine consumtion department only, had 2 glasses the other night and was buzzed...finally I am a cheap date, Ray should be quite thankful. I made sure the fat farm would not be a detox center for me so I am also trying to quit the caffine.

I have been carefully considering how I will post my stats and my infamous "before" photo for my followers. I do think sliding down a fire station pole in my swim suit would be lovely and a hats off to Bridget Jones. But I do think a fan favorite will be me naked with pinapple ring slices on my cottage cheese bottom...but I can't find a photographer, Ray is refusing. I personally like the idea of me in my wedding dress with the zipper gapping open...but that is clearly not my "goal outfit". I will continue to put more thought into this so stay tuned.

I did almost call the Biggest Loser Resort yesterday and cut my trip down to 1 week instead of two, but I think my anxiety about leaving is at bay today. I will just walk around the house naked alittle longer to get myself back to the "needing to go" stage again as I pass the mirrors and the look of my poor husbands face as he sees the body that bore 2 children and my sagging breastfeeding ie: working boobs.

I am very excited when I am not freaking out about going in 2 weeks, so I will keep you up to date.