Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post radioactive isotope is RAD.

This the lead lined canister that contained 2 blue pills that had about 153 millicuries of radioactive material. I put it on my hand then was going to take a picture and was told to hurry and get it off my hand since the radiation being emitted was so high it needed to get into me quickly. Yeah that will make me swallow it down faster.

Immediately the Geiger counter came out and it registered 74 milliRems per hour emitting from my abdomen. Within just 24 hours it dropped down to about 45 millirems per hour. Planes are not allowed to fly at that high of an elevation due to effects on passengers in the plane and alarms go off to make sure they stay well below 50millirems of cosmic radiation.

The next day I dropped down to about 3millirems emitted per hour of radiation which is like background levels, still high enough to make sure I keep my distance.
The isolation room I was confined to was intolerable for these few days was lined in plastic and I must say it was a personal prison for me with the occasional very poor treatment, since the staff was not well prepared for someone like me, only about 2 people a month if that go through this treatment. I was like a leper that could throw a limb at the staff so there was very little interaction at all, just the intercom and a phone wrapped in plastic. Wow I found that isolation was isolating Weird huh? Stockholm syndrome is real I was throwing myself at the first person that would put more than their arm into my room.
I am now home and missed my family as it is now day 6 from treatment and I have to confess, I was kept longer due to my stage fright to produce a bowel movement. SHIT yes..I was given 10 medications in less than 20 hours to produce said product to no avail. My radiation levels would drop more quickly if we could close this deal. I was sent home with 4 differant meds to help complete this mission, they were very concerned since they would have no place to put me if I needed to be readmitted into the hospital easily. I have spoken to more people about crap than I would care to admit and I will leave with only that there has been success and I must say I debated renting a plane to fly a banner.
I will have a full body scan on Thursday and await good news that there will be no spots that light up. Lets hope for that. I will eat sushi until I develope some worm or fin.
Goodnight my friends and I thank each and everyone of you for the inspiration that lights a unchartered path for me. THANK YOU.


  1. Dear Michelle. I was thrilled to hear from you via your blog. That means that you are spiritually well, your sense of humor is still living within the lines of your life story. Yet I was acknowledging with sadness the whole ordeal that you had to go through. Unfortunately, when life strikes us with unknown it is very much scary and we are at a loss. But you seem to come through very strong. Picturing myself in your shoe I don't know what would have been harder: the isolation or the unknown.But you are a strong woman and I really appreciate your blog about this unfair, hard battle of your life.Don't worry about the dog and the kids. Both of them will survive and there is nothing wrong with kids improvising. We will cross our fingers and say lots of prayers for you. Hope all will end up well and we will all laugh about it later. Keeping you in my thoughts, Zita and Nicole.

  2. Zita you always say the right thing. Well alot of the time and I miss you, see you soon. You make me feel better.