Monday, April 26, 2010

Hair, a weighty issue.

Here is the before picture. Goodbye hair, you have seen alot.

Here is the squirrel tail they cut off me, 14 inches to donate to locks of love. This will become a bushy new wig for someone in need, the person will probably want to straighten the curly locks like I wanted to all the time.
Ta Da. I wonder how much hair weight I lost? I feel naked. I thought having more hair made me feel smaller as I hid behind it. Yet I feel younger and abit more perky.
Well, well, well, its been a good month since I last blogged, and all is... well, the kids are healthy and happy.Byron still continues to age me at an eccelerated the movie Jack with Robin Williams.aww that was a cute movie.

Ray has taken his professional engineering exam, he will hear in about 3 months. This test was a long time coming.
We are thinking of selling the house. I have been staining the fence all 100 feet of it and painting the trim. So big stuff in the works.
Lastly, I have not gained any weight and maybe lost about 2 more, I am just more aware and not obsessing over a "diet". I like this lifestyle I am carving out for myself.

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  1. So wonderful of you to donate your hair!!! Bet it feels refreshing and pretty weird to wash now.