Friday, March 19, 2010

Life interupts my life.

Well I am now back it will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I have exercised ONCE. It was for over an hour which at the time went very fast. I am now feeling much better as far as the aches and pains the swelling is gone in the achilles and my knees are knocking to get out and exercise. In due time I will get out there.

I now have some clarity as to the me I am to be...drum roll please. In the 2 weeks back I have had 4 Drs visits for my 2 sons. I was told ear infection for both kids and further evaluations needed for Pierce the 9 month old for strabismus, (lazy eye) I now notice it in the pictures, maybe he will wear an eye patch and say ARRG, hopefully not surgery. Little Pierce had a 104 temp last Friday and I had to leave work, it lasted for about 24 hours it would not break. Today I was called from work that Byron the 4 yr old was having a seizure at school for 10 minutes and the ambulance was taking him to Childrens. He hadn't had a febrile seizure in 2 yrs and I thought we were done with that.These boys don't care that my pants fit tight they just want to be loved and held when they hurt and I know that is my main priority and I am lucky to have this as my job at hand.

Byron said he thought my legs looked smaller and wanted to see my boobs, just to see if they were still big, he doesn't get that the weight lose I want and need should make all of me smaller. God love the boys, thin legs and big boobs, they don't need much more and I guess it starts early. I have lost 2 more pounds while at home but found myself today wanting "Chipolte" veggie bowl with a whole bag of chips since I had such a rough day, lets see how much wine I need tonight? Probably none since I will be watching every breath Byron takes tonight.

This is my life for infant and toddlerhood of my boys and I am fine with that for now.


  1. I give you so much credit for getting away in the first place. You are a busy mom, I will keep your boys in my prayers. Hang in there, and try to remember that YOU are is so easy to slip away when your life is full of loving others. I really wish we got to meet, I think we would have had great times together at FR! lol (((BIG HUGS)))

  2. You rock, you know. I remember when my now grown children were babies like yours I was much in the same place. I went to a mothers' morning out and was giggling in the bathroom when I was peeing without someone holding onto my knees...I was alone for the first time in two weeks at that moment. Any exercise had to involve the crappy strollers we had back's tough! But I'll say this: if anyone can figure out a way to be healthy (and have skinny legs and big boobs), it's you! You are such an inspiration and I'm proud to count you as a friend! Hugs!! Kay

  3. Don't give up on your dreams. Your family will always come first but keep YOU right up there with your family. And that ONE time you exercised was more than not exercising at all. Now you can work on beating your two week record! :) Stay strong!