Friday, June 25, 2010

Come to me.

Come to me, my can I entice you to take your first steps?

Come get your green car.

I have been working on my mommyhood and successfully not gaining any weight, yet my wine consumption remains steady. Excerise is like two 4 letter words put together.

I am so happy trying to get my life into balance I think it needs. I have cut back on work.Yippee. I will care for myself more than I have in the past.

The boys are doing fantastic. ray is having a much needed break from family life for the weekend and I am sure he is having a blast with his work friends in Catalina. On a clear day I can see the islands out my window, so I am told.
Pierce is now one and still a pleasant baby, that likes me more than sleep. Byron is witty and I am thankful I see his great sense of humor it is something I find is so attractive in character. My favorite story of late is he asked me to take a knife and cut the tip of his finger off, ..just alittle, so he could see if he had a skeleton inside himself. Wow where does this stuff come from? He also asked who he was the dad of and I told him only God know that, you have to wait to meet your child. He said "Will I like him?' Byron, my man, if he is like you or Pierce, yes you will!

I feel blessed most of the time and know this life has to be the best it can, Now not later..

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