Sunday, October 17, 2010

A fly on the wall....

This is what my world looks like when I am not seen. I feel like I am in a Scrooge movie where you see what happens when your not around.....but I am, so its not a fair assessment. I see the gloomy day out here in San Diego. The dog Kona rests easy since life is clearly so hard, all she did last night was shit throughout the living room..."ahhh I must rest to attack the new rug again tonight"., she thinks. Pierce is involved in toys of a small sort which I am certain he is not to have since they are choking hazards to a 1 yr old yet they taste like delicious plastic to be tried later. Byron must rest his weary head on his batman toy to watch " how to train a dragon". I think he is taking mental notes since dragons are everywhere. I will tell him he can keep it if he can catch one, I will not break his spirit or sense of adventure and he should know he can do anything, I will not say no. we do all know that is not really true.

I am still waiting my results and feel so at peace that its already known..weird that I am so okay with this. I am finding me along this" waiting path". I like me, I do. I feel my character is strong and I won't be too ashamed that I am not strong allthe time..but I will maybe alittle.

I will keep you posted.

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