Monday, October 11, 2010

Do I look good on a cellular level?

Well I sit and wonder if just a sampling of tissue can change a future or can it just change my mind? I have a biopsy coming up and I have already resigned myself that I know they outcome. I am oddly at peace maybe it means it will be negative or have I just become accustom to the result. Time will tell. I always have felt I sense things and I believe it makes my life what it is. For the good I must say. My spirit feels connect to something big but My job makes it difficult to have too much emotion before a final answer, highly suggestive is a result or is it? I am okay no matter what, I know me this well already. I think of myself as a non alarmist, really, I do. I am just outspoken. well lets not search my attributes to closely.

I took a photo of myself the other day and looked at myself like I didn't know this person, I forgot I have green eyes and that I now have wrinkles starting to show on my road map.I am growing older, when did this happen? Oh I am a mom, I know Feb 20th when Byron my first was born then the next age accelerate occured June 3rd this last year.
I do recognize the women in this goodnight kiss photo its a person that looks beautiful when she is holding her baby.He is just starting to weight too much for me to hold infront of my face.

I will keep you all posted this coming week. I am fine, I promise.

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