Saturday, October 23, 2010

Results are in or is the chad hanging on???

Pierce will help me, he is quite technically inclined....or not at all, he had locked this computer up several times beating the keys into submission. You are seeing my parenting skills as I let the children climb tables and run rampant, what you don't see is that the dog is probably eating off the kitchen counter and cleaning the old dishes, be forewarned if you eat over. This is just so cost effective in a recession since we have let the maid go after more than 10 years. I am waiting patiently for the children to become of age where they can scrub a toilet...this is of course why I gave birth to my 2 little domestics.

Drum roll please....
So my result are in and so far FAVORABLE, yet there is some doubt that the lesion was not sampled. I was told I can believe the results for 3 months until I am seen again. There is a consult on Monday with another doctor that may shed some more light on this. I do feel I have wasted my minds time why thinking about this for over 2 weeks now. I know know that what will be will be and will present itself in time. I am not really a passivist but more of a surrender right now. One gets tired pondering possibilities that may be negative. I am wholeheartedly a believer of dreaming about what ifs of winning the lottery... this is not futile, one must be prepared. Claim it and put in in a trust to help defer the tax issues and scoundrels.
I do need to tell of a revelation, Ray upon hearing the good news says we must lead a healthier lifestyle have out antioxidants, drink less....WHAT, I say, I feel now I must drink the expensive wine and live more fully... this is all we have got.

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