Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pain in my neck...

This is my pain in my ass yet it is residing in my neck. I had my biopsy today they did an aspiration 4 times, but now I feel worse for wear. I will have results maybe 7-10 days, boy, that seems so long.
I am disillusioned that 2 medical opinions can differ so much between highly suspicious and low thresh hold for malignancy. I was quite displeased with the specialist today, can you believe she did not hold us ultrasonographers in the highest regards???? What you say? It was true. I too was taken aback. I had propped myself up on the exam table and felt it was my pedestal, as a member of the medical team, yet to my surprise she squashed my spirit. I am afraid she doesn't know that great work we do. We are phenomenal detectives. I can smell pathology like rotten fruit...similar to a bat...say batwomen.
Well I must put my little spidermen to bed and brag about my super powers later.

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