Monday, January 18, 2010

Life ias like a box of chocolates...

I call BS, life is like a whole fruit pie, every wedge a facet of my life. There is a large slice as a mom, another as a wife, a larger slice as a worker, tiny slice devoted to my health, good slice given to my social calender and probably another slice to something I haven't pondered but I bet its a good slice too., and religion is tiny. I know swearing to God does not constitute a prayer, I am sure I would have found God more quickly in the face of adversity but I have been blessed and more so ignorant. As I mature (40) I will make more time for my higher power even though I do make the sign of the cross when I see an ambulance or fire truck...there before the grace of God go I. It still makes me feel selfish. I will gracefully cram it down the throats of my children in perochial school as I would like them to be faithful, righteous and humble stewards of the far better people than I.
This is a time to make health less filling in my pie and something more substancial. I will try to balance my "pie" ...I mean life. I will care about my future longevity so that I can fret about my wrinkles while above ground. I will try and find joy in connecting the dots of my age spots and try to see vericose veins as a path to my happy place. Okay maybe this has gotten away from me but I will become a healthier me and start this journey by making a proper salad for lunch and pass up the amazing mac and cheese a family friend made yesterday, that has the shiney gelatineous layer of greesy cheese resting atop it.
I am going to think about my pie more...not that pie, and balance it out.

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