Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reflective, not just a shiny surface.

Its now been 11 days onthe Wii fitness and I have having trouble finding the time for myself until after 9pm, and all I really want to do is drink wine and get into a vegitative state and pat myself on the back for another day survived. Alais I am at a stand still of 10 pounds lost and think it has everything to do with the 2 slices of pizza and chocolate ice cream called Mooses Tracks that my husband insists on calling "Moose Knuckles" which is our unfavorable term for a really bad case of "camel toe" ie. big girl in a little pant. I will avoid that by wearing baggy clothes.
It is time to be reflective since I have made that part of this journey. I has an encounter with a non peer at my work and now am brooding over an exchange that happened several days ago. Did she imply it? Did she actually say it? Yeah she actually said it. She thinks I am bitchy. Wow that doesn't feel like me. Im not sure her opinion matters, but it takes up space in this head of mine, I am letting it rattle around inthere until its becoming larger.I will admit something....not everyone likes me. Ouch that even hurts to write. Really some don't like me..Why? I am great, my mom says so. I will now surround myself with worthy people and project the image of the person I think I am..not neccesarily a taller person but standing more upright than my 5 foot 1 frame and I will be kind.

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  1. You ARE kind, you have the most generous soul of anyone I know. Bitchy...well...It's just the ying and yang of you. Sweet and Sour. I personally wouldn't want it any other way.