Thursday, January 28, 2010

Achy breaky bones.

Its now 15 days onthe Wii fitness and using the Biggest Loser Wii game, I am so sore due to the floating lunges and sitting squats, it all burns so where is my weight loss? I avoided dessert last night and baked cookies today for work and only ate one and I haven't had a glass of wine in days....I should say day. I should probably recieve a medal instead of a change on my scale, but is one pound too much to ask for? I will go pee one more time and weigh myself right after AGAIN and hope for a change. Be right back...

I leave in alittle more than 3 weeks and I hope this blog and my followers will hold me accountable. I mean business now. I'm "going to the mattresses". I do think if I post a near naked before picture of me I may scare myself into a new body form. When I was younger I would run on my treadmill naked infront of a mirror and where I saw wiggly parts I just worked harder...but that was in my own home and not everything was so lets say. ..loose and baggy. But I am now horrified to do such an "experiment" now and that treadmill did become a large clothes hanger to me and began to collect dust and has since found a new loving home .

I will hope to get better nights rest, I will dream of exercise and may wake sore again. I hear if you don't sleep well you can't lose weight. HUMMMM I do tell my 3 yr old son he will never grow tall if he doesn't go right to bed, since we grow in our sleep, ever see anyone grow right before your eyes? No they do it in their sleep (I think) Its a momism. Hopefully my youngest will learn to sleep through the night or at least only wake up every other hour. I swear he hates me. Or he hates sleep. Or he loves me so much he doesn't need sleep.
Well good night I'm beat.

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