Sunday, February 7, 2010

The road to success is starting to look paved.

Okay its 26 days doing some sort of activity...not just watching Oprah (which burns like NO calories) I have been picking the kids up from daycare withthte stroller and that means pushing about 90 extra pounds up the 11%grade hill be live on. I have also been watching my wine intake since Dec 1st and that means watching the bottle collect more dust and crying from missingit . So I have actually been losing water weight with every tear of longing for my lost libations. I am now down 14 pounds and am considered a light weight now...inthe wine consumtion department only, had 2 glasses the other night and was buzzed...finally I am a cheap date, Ray should be quite thankful. I made sure the fat farm would not be a detox center for me so I am also trying to quit the caffine.

I have been carefully considering how I will post my stats and my infamous "before" photo for my followers. I do think sliding down a fire station pole in my swim suit would be lovely and a hats off to Bridget Jones. But I do think a fan favorite will be me naked with pinapple ring slices on my cottage cheese bottom...but I can't find a photographer, Ray is refusing. I personally like the idea of me in my wedding dress with the zipper gapping open...but that is clearly not my "goal outfit". I will continue to put more thought into this so stay tuned.

I did almost call the Biggest Loser Resort yesterday and cut my trip down to 1 week instead of two, but I think my anxiety about leaving is at bay today. I will just walk around the house naked alittle longer to get myself back to the "needing to go" stage again as I pass the mirrors and the look of my poor husbands face as he sees the body that bore 2 children and my sagging breastfeeding ie: working boobs.

I am very excited when I am not freaking out about going in 2 weeks, so I will keep you up to date.

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