Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pack up and bail day 6.

Day 6.

Okay so I was super loney and felt isolated so I bailed. I am now at the Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica. Absolutely on my terms.
Oh yes !!!!
First I started my day with a hike to Sadle Point. It was a great hike yet I felt it was easy...oh yeah I'm a hike snob now. We did aout 1.3 miles in 50 minutes and assended 1000 feet. Pretty freak'n good. It totaled about 3.5 miles total and it was the shortest I've done...yes I could have done more since I am an athlete now...Oh yeah!! Then was the last chance workout about 1.5 hours of circiut training. boy it was hot and I am sunburnt. But I am clearly an athlete now and it was easy...haha.

This is my view from my treadmill at the Fairmont Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. I checked in and then found the hotel gym...Holy Shit these kinds of gyms are nice. Hada rosemary/cucumber water and I watched my favorite movie Super Trooper and just past that was the ocean for a view. I kicked out about 2.5 miles run then had a chauffuer drive me down to dinner. They must have thought I was special because the owner had to come chat with me...yes Salvidor I love the Blue Oyster Plate restaurant. I was super health conscience... to the point I turned away homemade sweet potatoe chips..Crazy!
I am being totally selfish since I could have driven home and been with my kids and Ray but I chose to do more" me" time. I am worthy and will show the world that I can make a difference!
Thank you Ray fro allowing me to become a better me. I love you and apprieciate you!!!!!
PS Thank you to Aunt Kim for making the kids feel special! and for the awesome meals, you rock! Thank you Aunt Tracy for helping and cupcakes. Thank you mom for helping. they love hot grandma Annie. Ugh I hate that phrase. but you were good! Thank you for everyone that helped Ray and made my trip successful and worry free. i needed this and appreciate all the efferts.
Oh my gosh I totally forgot...Here are my stats.
I weighed in at 6:256 am. so it really was a full 5 days.It was before my hike and workouts.
I lost 3.1 pounds and 4 inches.
I lost .9 % body fat which is super hard to do!!!

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