Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No fat Tuesday here.

Day 2.I am thinking the board is looking short onthe calorie intake today, but the food was so good. I am now watching the clock for meal times. Horrible habit I am developing. Like right now I have 12 hours until I can eat again.
This is the group from bus 6. Oh yeah we rocked the hike 6.4 miles over 1100 calories burned. The hikel was called Newton Canyon its part of the backbone trail we went up to an overlook of the Pacific Ocean up towards Zuma ridge. Now I know how the stars name their kids after horrendous trails.
I did a cardio interval class which was awesome I went about 3 more miles, then a total toning class that sucked so hard, my arms were shaking so badly...remindds me of the barely heard Who song "Maryann with the shaky hands" ...oh what those hands could do..

The pool here at night, it looks so lovely but it is full to the edge of sweat. 2 pool workouts today, they are so hard....especially to make sure that I don't get a mouthful of water.
Its been a good day only my left knee hurts and my right heel and my left elbow and my head. Earlobes don't hurt one bit.

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  1. Yea earlobes!!! Keep it up Michelle, you are totally working it.