Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ashes to ashes we all fall down.

Day 3.
This hike was breath taking, It was called Charmlee about 5-6 or more mile. Parts looked like the Sherwood forest and they even filmed Robin Hood near here because the oaks hang like a great canopy. See even the trees are tired.

This hike was my favorite, probably for its beauty and this unusual guide named Colter, he is called the snake whisper. I crossed paths with a 5 foot long gopher snake and he ran up to hold it. Well last yeat he was bitten by a rattle snake and recieved 40 units of anti venom and was in the intensive care unit for 7 days total . Just the guy I want picking up snakes with me. He knew alittle about a lot...which is my claim to fame, most facts that are helpful come from snapple lids. Great day.

The food was just okay today. Boy was today rough for the workouts I sure needed my strength. I had a crazy hard mountain class another 3 miles there. Then my new favorite kickboxing..I am in love with hitting sh!t. 2 pool classes in the body odor flavored water.
I did cap tonight off with a massage and she even rubbed between my toes which also seem to hurt.
Parts of the day where very tough I called Ray and said I wanted to go home, it gets emotional here when you are left to think on these long hikes and reflect. My dad always told me he was only quiet on the outside. My biggest worry was that I was quiet on the inside.

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