Friday, February 24, 2012

5 is a lonely number.

Day 5.
Well it's been a little rough. I feel sore and that I am pushing so hard and I am afraid of the measurements that will happen tomorrow morning, I do need a positive boost.

I did a hike about 5.5 miles on the sand it was hard and I was struggling but it was beautiful. There were so many mussels washed up on shore I could only think of white wine sauce and linguine noodles.

The hike was called Point Dume and it was all the way down to the end of that picture.
The gang from Van 6 and 7 rocking it. I did have to do a swim class again and again. Twice is too much. I had a fun/funny disco jam class with John and I have so little skill and coordination that I should have faked a sprain and sat out.

The caolories were low yet food was pretty good today...EXCEPT they served mushroon soup. Why? doesn't it grow in horse shit? maybe it doesn't but I passed on it after 2 whole sips.
Best quote today " You can be given wealth and oppertunity, yet you must earn your health."
I will keep you posted.

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