Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweat some more please.

Day 4.

Super awesome hike today at Reagan Ranch, the Ronald Reagan family donated this old horse ranch to the Parks dept. I hiked over 6 miles and ran much of it. I was able to hang with Van 7 the advanced group. Wow! I still run and pant like a women in labor.

The running trails were rocky and beautiful with lots of greenery, I
saw a deer too. We came across the old filming area of MASH the tv series, there were still jeeps and the famous sign.

The rest of the day was very good I had a balance ball class and a lecture and met Ramon and Jessica from season 12, they were very inspirational and I think we will hear wedding bells soon for them. Oh then swim class which I am seriously dreading yet may learn to control the look that I may be drowning. I had a great treading class, its were you go 5 minutes high then 5 min recovery then 4 min high and hard the 4 min recovery and so on. Well I ran at 8.6 minute miles miles and covered over 4.75 miles in one class. I wish they were filming since I looked like a rockstar...okay a strung out sweaty rockstar. I felt great.
Shut up and sweat, is my new mantra.

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