Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 10, I am getting the hang of this on the last rung.

Today I hiked Slots a beautiful and difficult hike about 5 miles or so. this area was inhabited by the Anasazi Indians from 200 AD to 1250AD. Then came the Paiute Indians up until 1800's. Some of these petryglyphs are 1200 yrs old. I wish I knew what they meant.

There were some very narrow passages, and if I could read the writing on the wall, it may have said turn back.

This is Wedding rock with some of us "cool" people, yeah right we were the ones not afraid of heights, since the drop off is deadly. I do think the term "elope" started because the Indians did not want to hike out this far for a ceremony.

Paulette heres your daughter waving to you, boy is this high up.

This is my super cool roommate Cherise, who "rocked' this hike. She wanted to go back from here so Merinda and I went with the guide and we got lost getting back but it made for a really cool trip making our own way through the cactus, rocks and other pokey things.
Okay okay so that was the first 2 hours of my day, then came curcuit class which I preceeded to cry since my knee and achilles hurt so bad while on the treadmill gettingup to 5.5mph. I iced and medicated myself appropriately and continued to open gym and did another 5 miles on the bike all alone not another person in there. Then I had mountain class you go up in speed or intesity every 3 minutes for 13 times. UGHHHHHH. I did another 9 miles. We are not done with the day no way...we had pool class again then kickboxing my absolute favorite. It was sunny and beautiful again today maybe in the 60's. Ahhhh so much better then last week when I had wind burns on my face.
I wrapped my night off with a massage and she skipped over the ears they of course are still fine.


  1. You look great! The vistas are pretty nice too. I'm in LA tonight. Ray is supposed to bring the bring the boys over for a man-party tonight with Will (he's spending the night). Can we get all four kids into the bath together? Looking out for your babies, they are doing really well. Keep it up hot stuff.

  2. Those spots on the rocks sure do look high! I hope I can overcome the fear of climbing up there when I'm there. Super job working through your pain. You're doing what you need to get through and stay strong every day. Kudos!

  3. Yay Slots! Slots is so hard. BUT I know ill be doing it again before i leave, its sooo beautiful! You are like a mountain goat out there!!! You rock Michelle! I'll see you on the next hike tomorrow!

  4. How beautiful, never mind you look amazing!! Hope your ankles and feet are feeling better. Thanks for your comments!!