Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 14 Home Sweet Home

I survivied. I did my last stop sign yesterday and with the injuries I finished 1 hour 9 minutes, alittle slower but I am still pleased.I did my test out before the 6 mile trek and still obsessed about the pounds when I know my shape is changing. I lost 2 more pounds. I really believed that a big number would appear as my measurement of success. I began to feel much better when the tape measurer came out.

Here are the stats.

4.1 pounds lost.

Chest 2.75 inches lost.

Belly 4.25 inches lost.

Hips 2.25 inches lost.

Thigh 1.5 inches lost.

Calf .25 inches lost.

Arm .5 inches lost.

Body fat 1.8% lost.

BMI .8 lost.

I am pleased as I slipped into my jeans they fit nicely and I walked with a little more confindence through the airport. I choose to go home a day early and surprise the fam.

Okay the first thing I did is I went right to a lounge and had a celebratory glass of wine. Ahh. It was strong and I am certain I was a cheap date, even though alone. The shuttle ride to Vegas I dreamed of all the food I could eat nothing sounded good or did it all sound good?

First stop when home was to go to our friends Jim and Robin's house to fetch our Byron, they helped out so much, it must have been hard work having 3 boys. I knew a glass of wine would be waiting for me and I obsessed about the lecture I went to where I was reminded not to drink my calories. I has only water and tea for 2 weeks. Pierce wouldn't smile at me for about a half hour, maybe he forgot me or maybe I looked too thin. Byron was surprised for about 2 seconds then went on to play with his buddy Max and Jake.

I woke up and took Byron out to the doughnut store and had a whole wheat bagel and BIG cup o' coffee. Wow my new lifestyle, I didn't even take a bite of his maple filled doughnut.

Tonight my first dinner I made the chicken parmesan I learned how to cook at one of the demos, it was so good and I had to have Annemarie and Rob and kids over as a thank you for all their help while I was away, she brough over several meals and t.hey made me feel so comfortable that everyone was well taken care of. I am so thankful for everyones help Kim took Byron out shopping at Target his most favorite place in the world , he takes after me. Mom babysat little Pierce too. We had a new babysitter that was wonderful too and I am grateful.

I did put down a deposit for another stay at the ranch because it was such a great and empowering "trip", I would never call it a vacation since it was so much more. I have yet to tell Ray this. They do have a special if you say I referred you, you get $100.00 off and so do I. We could do this together. I did wish some of my friends could have gone through this with me to have felt what I felt, but this time my journey was best served on my own. I was able to depend on strangers to be my support and they rose to the challenge, what great people my paths have crossed. I am truely blessed.


  1. Congrats Michelle and welcome back.... can't wait to see you and hear your "phat" camp stories.... Love, Janeth

  2. Aww Michelle!!! So was Ray Surprised or did you cave??? Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL Flowers!!! You are the sweetest person EVER!!!! I miss you!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and experience! Good luck to you back at home.

  4. Congrats on your success!! Thanks for all you words of encouragement for me as well. I leave in 24 days and am already imaging my first cup of coffee when I return home!
    Thanks again, you really are awesome!