Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop in the name of love....

I love this damn stop sign. The timed portion of this hike we start at about 3000 elevation and end at 4000 feet. It totally breaks you as you do it, but the finally result is sheer love and adoration for this metal pole. I can't have enough pictures of my by it. Damn thing.
Weel I beat my time fro mjust 2 days ago and I didn't think I could push any harder I finished this part 1 hour and 4 minutes for the 4.4 miles. I then had time to go to the overlook and see my accomplishment and its impressive.

This is the overlook another 2.2 miles and I hiked alone so I had to take a cheesey picture of myself, I am not a fan of taking pictures myself but I have a friend who loves it. You know who you are:)

The day was absolutely beautiful and I hope my dad was with me because he would have loved this. I think he would be very proud of me as I break all these barriers.
Today I got alittle discouraged about the stupid scale as a reflection of my success, and I know its not the thing that matters. Well I did feel like leaving campus and cheating but did not. But I was very close. I start justifying that my body is storing these measely 1100-1200 calories since it thinks I am starving as I push it to do 7 hours of exercise every day.Fear not I have not faultered but I had to share this moment of weakness that I am struggling with as I have only lost the 2 pounds and I have ice on my ankle and my knee hurts and I will do this all over again tomorrow and miss my family. I just needed a comfort food or cockytail. I am still plodding on until tomorrow.


  1. Hey there sis, sounds like your doing great and the view is wonderful. I am sure your meeting lots of great friends so you can help eachother through this. I know it's not easy, but I am very proud of you. Keep it up and stay strong, your doing great. Love you, David

  2. You look great at the stop sign! 64 minutes, wow! You kept one fast pace there. You must be doing a whole lot of something right. Forget the comfort food, it's not so comforting in the end. Keep on keeping on!

  3. Rock on Michelle! And forget numbers, you are gaining a whole new YOU and you look fantastic!

  4. Thanks so much I need ed this. I will start saying 64 minutes I love that off to a yummy dinner of enchiladas.

  5. Hey Michelle, Hang in there. Not only are you doing a very brave thing by being there and working your ass off, but you are re-claiming time for yourself despite being in the midst of mommy-dom. And you are sharing your highs and lows with everyone. That is truly brave. Just remember that food and alcohol are props - eating is a great reason to have friends get together, and I love cooking, especially for good friends. Nothing is better, but... even without the food, you are the type of person that attracts friends to you, and they'd take your friendship and quality time with you ANY DAY over the food, drinks and snacks. :o) Keep strong.

  6. Michon Thank you Thank you. I appreciate so much you wrote such nice things. :) Hope Tessa has that baby soon.