Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 11 It should be heaven.

My favorite trainer, Sharron, yes she rocks and is built like a missle. She kicks my butt in kickboxing and today in treading class, thats where you got balls to the wall for 5 minutes then 5 minute recovery then again hard for 4 minutes and a 4 minute recovery then to 3 minutes etc. I went up to 6.5 on the treadmill until my knee was going to collapse but I am bandaged up with kinesio tape and I don't know if it helped or hurt me more.

Started the day with a 7 mile hike at West Canyon it is so flat and relatively easy yet it was raining and very very windy, thank goodness I had Carrie with me and we chatted the whole 2 hours between shivering and teeth chattering. My favorite was strech after the hike I love that. I had a cooking class today and I will definatly make the meal for Ray when I get home only 300 calories for zucchini soup and chicken parmesan. Yummy. Then to the pool where is was still so windy and dark clouds overhead. I feel like it is a controlled drowning when I am in there which may be euphoric since I loved the class. A dreaded ball workout until my shoulders ached and my arms became spagetti noodle which I should have eaten. sharrons treading class followed and I was hurting so badly but trudged on, then a lecture on menu planning for when I go home. I think it was a good day.

Ended the day with the purchase of a beautiful ring, shopping always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, its almost as good as eating out with friends and laughing hard. I am doing laudry now and it feels like I am home. AWWW I miss doing laundry at home and I miss my boys all 3 of them.

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  1. Awww, must be hard being without your boys. I hope I can be like YOU when I get there in 29 days!!