Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 12 Me and my skinny shadow.

Todays hike was Camelback and it was very challenging due to my injuries but I heard it was beautiful so I had to limp along and it proved worth the trip.
This hike was only 4 miles and difficult due to the lava rock and lactolithes and you can see the cinder cone inthe background. The hike then became more sandstone and sand and the gang rocked it.

This picture is our starting point and you can see the 2 small mounds inthe center of the picture, look hard its the furthest thing... thats camelback and we hiked to it. It seemed impossible when we started but so does surviving on less than 1200 calories so really its not that bad.

Here we are at a vortex that has water at the bottom but made for a super cool shadow shot, see the skinny mini with sass in her hips????Thats me.

This is one hump of Camelback and thats the gang on it. I was freaking out and thought it too high. Can you believe we went that far? I swear we can do anything.
The mad rush off this high peak, It looks so cool. Well that was the first 2 1/2 hours of my day. The to the pool which was perfect. AHHHH I swear I consider it my bath for the day now that I believe its my sweat I taste in it. EWWW Im kidding.
I didn't like the lunch much (chicken stew) so I had toast and 6 almonds and a small salad. Surprisingly I am satisfied. I would have died at home on that and been emmaciated and shaking in the corner on that diet. I am starting to realize food is fuel. Really. Then a lecture about an at home plan for working out.
I had plenty of strength to do 2 cardio curcuit classes and kicked it up to 7 mph onthe treadmill for that last interval. Hard stuff. After that was cardio disco dance jam. OHH I loved it and if I were coordinated I would have relaxed more, The class was called zumba and we did cuban shuffle, lally lally and banged out our bodies. It was funny and sweaty.
Now off to dinner, I can't remember what it is and you would think it would be all I could think about. If I don;t like it I can get a boca burger on sandwich thins for 200 calories. Oh Cherise reminded me its a meatball sandwich. HUM I am wondering how it will look differant from any sandwich I have seen before. This is why I got the cookbook here its amazing what the chef can do. I gotta go eat. Yum.
Tomorrow the stop sign beckons me like a lost lover.


  1. I saw you in Janet's photo it looks like your leading the conga line! Enjoy your stop sign hike!!! Yay! 7 on the treadmill!!

  2. it looks like you can bounce a quarter off your but. I am so jealous. Two weeks have passed here and nothing has changed, but you have had this amazing experience! Safe trip home.

  3. The disco jam class sounds and looks fun but I'm also glad to hear they've got a Zumba class. This is my all time favorite cardio class!

  4. So proud of you lady! I could not have done it without are such a studgirl and you survived 2 weeks! Miss you lots...keep in touch, joanne