Sunday, February 28, 2010

On the 7th day the Lord rested..

I hope that it doesn't sound like I am the Lord, but did I rest.Amen. I must be getting more religious in Mormon country but have yet to pick up a sister wife for Ray to aide in my wifely duties. Wheww.

Heidi, Cherise and I went to a movie and it felt like we were inthe real world except I could only smell the popcorn and couldn't have any diet soda and passed on the whole box of licorice I would eat before the movie was 1/2 over. Water only at the theather I had never done before.

The newbies came in all bright eyed and excited boy they will surely have a differant look by this time tomorrow, if they only knew. I feel like a pro here.

Okay the hard part to write.............we had our weigh in and it was alittle, lets say devastating. I lost only 2 pounds, I busted my butt and increased my intensity everyday and I feel stronger and my pants fit alittle cutier inthe butt, yet I needed a measure of my success and didn't get that today. I know I gave 100% and I am not sure I can push harder this next week??? I am well supported here by great people and even better bras, what would I do without those?

All right folks I will be here all weak ooopsy week.


  1. That must be tough to see only 2 lbs BUT you MUST know that your body is adjusting and gaining muscle. Have a super week! Stay strong.

  2. You worked really hard and should be proud of your effort here. I find that moving the furniture around the room at night can always add a little extra calories burn into the mix :) You will have an awesome fun filled week two, and I am sure your roomie is predicting a big number on the scales this week, as am I.

  3. I'm so proud of you, Michelle! I enjoyed being around you and am sending you my energy and love right now as you're heading to the stop sign again this morning...give my love to everyone there and save a heaping serving for yourself!

  4. One day I weigh one weight, next day I weigh 2 to 3 pounds lighter. I wouldn't look at the number at all. The scale is evil. I think I will pass on knowing my weight loss till I am leaving FR. You look wonderful and are gaining muscle, strength and just a whole new attitude on life. You are awesome..Thanks for being there for me as you have...even though you are there for you! Wish we were going to be there together, but oh wella~ ((hugs))

  5. the scale is just a number. You aren't doing this for just a number. You aren't working this hard for a number. You are here to give your heart and lungs and soul a workout. Your clothes will fit better- added bonus- but that isn't going to happen in 6 days or less. Those people on the show lost 12 pounds the first week but they started at 300 plus!!!! And, they didn't do any work leading up to it like you have. You lost almost 15 before getting to the ranch. Give yourself a break and a big pilates yoga hug. I am pulling for the haute mom outfits!! Keep on truckin.