Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Me Day

Here is my big hill that I must stroller Byron and Pierce up and down. It doesn't look like much but I have to get sea level and then accend to Tsunami free zone where I live. Ugh it is even hard for my car to drive up.

Byron and Pierce this morning on the way to school, 32 lbs for stroller, 33 lbs for Byron and 21 lbs for Pierce.
This is Tracy and Kim taking me and my new straight hair out to 40th birthday dinner last night(a birthday hairdo thanks to Rebecca at Pure salon I love it love it) We had a great night and I ate like a pig since in a few days food and wine will be obsolete. These pictures are from my new super cool camera from them so I can blog properly. I will get the hang of this.
The before picture has been taken and will post in a day or so....stats to follow. Last nights cheese and chocolate fondue will not be seen on my thighs yet. 5 sleeps until I leave. 4 sleeps until Byrons 4th birthday party withh 9 foot long snake and spiders and bugs EWWW.
Huge props to my dear husband who planned successfully a suprise 40th birthday for me on Sat with about 40 dear friends that can keep a secret damn well. I had the headache the next day to prove it was a smash. Thank you all and I really am enjoying this aging thing. I am thinking the me I am suppose to be might still be a party animal. I need to keep that in check. Thank you all.

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  1. Thanks for the great updates. I love reading them and looking forward to be there with you on the farm(at this point just mentally. I sure hope you got your new laptop and will keep us all up to a minutes happenings.
    P.S. You still can eat and vine like a pig or more like a piglet......as long as you do it once a month. Don't dread it you will be fine during your lifetime journey and will come back with lots of enjoyable memories to share for long time to come.Zita