Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arrival day at the ranchand intro to freaking out 101

Okay I have arrived safely at Fitness Ridge and was not escorted off Southwest for needing 2 seats due to my own seat. Whew dodged one bullet.
I am in my room and have yet to meet my roomie but I see no breathing apperatice for her sleep apnea that I have just imagined for her. Whew another bullet dodged.
I am so nerveous that I heard nothing at orientation I think it was the teacher from the old Charlie Brown episodes. I was only thinking of how Ray will be up all night or will he? He can't seem to hear the baby cry when I am home HUMMM it might seem quiet to him tonight. I will no doubtly sleep like an baby should.
Poor roomie I may have to check her and see if she needs a diaper change and give her a bottle and then burp her. I think I have created a monster and I am sure she will be great, I hear she is in Vegas and only good shit happens there. I hope she smuggles in some vino and we can break bread together and become fast friends. Thats right no wine or bread...hope the friend thing pans out. I am looking forward to it.
Tomoorow starts at 6am. more to fallover..opps follow.


  1. I LOVE your blogs! You are adorable! Have fun kick butt and keep me updated!! ((hugs))

  2. You are going to rock it! Have a great hike today, find beauty in the snow and the cold and a serious change of surroundings. I super duper love your before picture- I could never have trotted to the yard stark neked.

    1. Mini Goals- sometimes you just have to say "I am going to get through the next 10 minutes or I am just going to run to the end of this street" and then go from there.
    2. Don't make any decisions in the evening/night. A few hours of sleep = better decisions.