Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 6, if I could I would pick up sticks.

Colbie Caillat concert was so hard to stay awake for, we all were drfting off and some flat out slept. I cried when I saw a lady walk by with her baby, it was just too much for me to take I miss my little boys so much, but of course I am right on schedule for the emotional stuff that hits while here, we are finally giving ourselves time and I am not mommy for 2 weeks, its good but I miss that role.
Today was the timed stop sign hike, we must try to push past our Monday time. Well Well Well I beat it by 12 minutes. 1 hour and 7 minutes that part is 4.4 miles up hill. I did another 1 1/2 miles down for about 6 miles this morning. I was very pleased so many people jammed up that stink'n hill. We are all pushing the bar up. It feels great to be around some many people that don't quit when it burns like fire. I almost hate to say it but I might look alittle smaller. This may be working.

Paulette these are for you, your daughter flew up that hill and beat her time by 12 minutes too. I really like being around Jerica, her energy is great. This is a picture of her darn near making out with the stop sign that we love to hate.

Jerica loving the stop sign.

Suzie fromthe Biggest Loser season 2 was here this week and I remember eating dessert and drinking wine every Tuesday and cheering her on from my couch, so it was nice to cheer her on here and have her in my corner too. Man can we disco jam together.
Well Sat is a half day, sounds like we are slackers huh? We already did a 2 .5 hour hike and a curcuit class that is finally giving me some biceps and we can have some time to crawl back into pjs and watch the girlie movies I brought from home and read a book and take a bath wow I feel like I am on vacation, except the ice is on my ankle and not in a alcoholic drink.
Roomie Cherise and I are finally in the room together at the same time and I am so looking forward to her karaoke tonight, I hear she is a rock star and I will expect lullabyes every night. The graduation ceremonies for the departing folks should be emotional its hard to commiserate with people for a whole week and then have them go back to the real world.
Special note to Cat Cee you will do fantastic.


  1. Michelle, Thanks so much for the pics of Jerica, she is terrible at sending me anything. I see she has the men carrying her camelbak for her already:) She was really proud of her time today. You did a great job and will probably make it under 1 hour before you leave. If you get to read this before karaoke, do yourself a favor and put a pee pad on if you see Jerica get up and attempt to sing. You have never heard anything so bad in your life. lol Have fun!!Paulette

  2. Aw thanks for the vote of confidence!! How hysterical about being tired at the concert. I would have been one of the sleepers!