Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 5. Im making enough change to invest in myself...

Lets start if off with a kickboxing class at 6AM to get the juices flowing. I think that was a great class, but the best part was the stretch at the end when I got to hug myself. AWWW It hard here without friends and family to be schmoopy with. This group is super supportive and making friends is easy but you know they will leave soon so that becomes difficult, I will miss some women that I have become very close with, Joanne has been a great cheerleader for me here.

I did a almost 4 mile hike into West Canyon and then ran it out so that felt good all before 10:30 am. Who knew I could do this? I didn't even know. I did a circuit classa aftert and next to a girl that is a amazing athlete, Lianne she can power and it was nice to have her near me so I could try and keep up with her numbers, I was doing 7mph on the treadmill and level 12 on the bike. Boy I was impressed with her and wanted to keep up. The most fun I have had sweating buckets was in Disco jam class and it rocked, I did it twice . I will look like a crazy person on a dance floor now with these moves. OOOOWWW. Maybe I can try them tonight at the concert.

Every muscle is still aching and I walk like a penguin, but I think elite athletes look like that too sometimes. There was a pro football player here and he said they only workout 5 1/2 hours a day during the season and we workout more than that, today I did 7 hours of exercise. Can you imagine? Maybe I could be a kicker for the Chargers???? HUMM I will ask for an application.


  1. it's always nice to see that you are still alive! Disco fever. Have fun tonight. I don;t think the chargers take applications, they find you. Since we lost LT and Sproles you may be getting a call soon. Hugs, but no kisses, AMR

  2. I love kickboxing! .....but 6 AM Kickboxing? Yikes! Can't wait to try the disco jam class. It sounds like so much fun. Sure sounds like you're having a blast. Great job, almost completed your week.

  3. Two numbers my body is not use to seeing are "6" and "7"...I am a night owl, and am trying to grasp that in a month I will be up before the sun!! and "7" hours of working I really up for that? Answers...if I didn't read all the blogs...probably would doubt it. But thanks to YOU and the other bloggers...I think I can~
    Thank you!!