Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 4 Mushrooms belong in a pasture.

Today I hiked Snow Canyon pretty much alone, I did the stop sign hike and beat my Monday time by 2 minutes. 1 hour and 17 minutes is impressive, I think. Then I did another couple of miles down for a total of 6 1/2 miles. I was reminded of something a high school friend has said "What 1 hour out of your day? You can do anything for 1 hour." His words are a mantra I need to repeat about 7 times in a day here.

Today I began to feel small, not in pant size, but really dwarfed by the huge mountains, and also realized that I have not connected with the world around me. Its beauty is so vast and I have only just become to see its true colors, (thank you to Cyndi Lauper)

After returning to the ranch I went off to the pool and now know I must have been beaten down into submission because I loved it, really enjoied it, weights and all. The sweat water now tastes like the Pacific Ocean or a great sushi roll. I liked it so much I did 2 classes of it today.

Lunch oh my I have loved everything so far, until today. Dreaded mushroom soup, proof here that I did try it. The verdict was a thumbs down. The calorie intake for the whole day would have been 1081ish but I skipped out of the breakfast and ditched the soup and traded out the dinner so my intake was less than 1000 today.

One would think I could eat the back side of my hand by now but I am still a finicky eater. I refuse to love mushrooms and the next thing you know tomorrows menu may have pickle soup and I promise I won't ever try that, that will never change.I don't have Kim here to eat it for me.

I continued with on to treading class and went another 3 miles on the treadmill going up to 7.5 mph. I was very pleased with myself and had a good time loving the pain, since you see we have very little entertainment here.There was sa ball work class here and it was all quads and abds ugh it hurt pretty good too.
I only had 1 lecture today it was a cooking demo, so I treated myself to a massage (thanks to Lynette) It was fantastic, Nacole was a god send until she put her fingers in my ears then tugged at my earlobes, I have to believe there are no muscles there and I am certain it was the only place on my body that didn't hurt.
Tomorrow a group is going to a concert we are going to see Colbie Caillat, leading this group is Jim from Wisconsin a real "cheesy" funny guy. I think I am going to like him, he is a seasoned guy around here kinda like tabasco.


  1. Always look forward to reading your blog Michelle because you just never know what to expect :0. You girls should have a great relaxing weekend, you've worked hard for it so enjoy. Paulette

  2. Ah Michelle, I am so proud of you. I am sure that even with so few calories, you are able to keep those around you laughing! I pray you don't have to suffer through pickle soup, I love pickles and that just sounds disgusting.

  3. I'm glad there isn't much I don't like to eat because I can't imagine skipping any meals doing all that exercise! And 7.5 on the treadmill, wow...I hope one day I can come close to that...for now I top out at 5.2, and not for very long either! Enjoy the concert tomorrow while you rest up.

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Cant wait to see the christmas card elaine :) Looking forword to the show tonite, should be fun.

  5. find beuty in the little things. Like finding a mushroom out there in the wild and kicking it. The earlobe thing is to get your chakras straightened out. Lead with your heart chakra today and enjoy the pool.

  6. are looking phenominal! I'm proud of you! I couldn't do it if I tried! Oh...& I'm with ya on the thumbs down on the mushroom fungus soup crap....ewwie! Love ya babe!!


  7. Awww you're the mushroom girl., lol that Jim mentioned in his blog. Enjoy the concert!!
    Keep up the good workouts seriously you amaze me! 7.5????? no way could I do that!