Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1 Rude awakening to my body.

Wow what a day Look at me all niave and bright eyed. I had no idea what that 6am picture would foretell. I did a hike today the infamous "stop sign hike" and I will never look at a stop sign the same.I think I love them now. It was a 4.4mile ascend up to 4000 with snow and all on the ground. I would have like to be done but you must climb down.. oh that part. I went about 2 1/2 miles down and ran the last so we could make the van back to camp. I met a nice girl that helped push my envelope to the brink of tearing.
Right after that I did a mountain class where you are on a treadmill and go faster ever 5 minute and I went another 2.7 miles. Then to the pool in extreamly bitter cold wind for aerobics. It was not easy at all and drowning started sounded like a good out. Then to circuit training which was fun but hard. Then the finale was a step class and all we did were squats with weights, who thinks of this? I did my whole day on a mere 1093 calories.
I am so sore, I feel muscles I don't remember having, I think I feel my uterus aching and in pain from today, it might be my fallopian tube, I just dont know ?I will sleep and start the day over tomorrow at 5:40am.

My roommate is great we stayed up til midnight talking last night and she didn't even stumble in drunk after a day in Vegas. She has clued me in here and I will make t he most out of this place and become a better me through all this hard work that is kicking my butt off, I am not loving the "during" part of exercise but I will love the after. This is now what I am obligated to do for my health.
Chow for now..oh I can't stop thinking of food though its great here, I'll try and take a picture of it before I scarf it down tomorrow.


  1. I'm so proud of you....I'm exhausted just reading about your day...good luck tomorrow...kick some booty

  2. Wahooo! Day one over. Congrats on a successful day. Looks and sounds like it was a chilly one too. I've never done water aerobics in bitter cold..brrrr. Hang in there and stay strong!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Way to go on day one. And whatever Cherise sad bad about me was probably only partly true :) I swear the pool gets much better when the sun comes out but yesterday was way frigid. Hope you have a great week. Go get em today!!

  4. Way to go. I'm proud of you to have the courage to even try this exosting program. Whatever exercises you did on your day one would take me to do a whole year. I bet pushing the stroller up the hill seems like a baby play after today. Just keep on going and going and going.