Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready or not...

Today I made the leap in to my 40s, it just can't be. That is a huge number beacause thats the amount my Dr told me to lose so I know firsthand that it is a huge almost unreachable number. Well I am here and it feels fine..actually I now feel slightly seasoned with a newfound wisdom that only comes from aging like my favorite cheeses peppered with mold on a water cracker or soft bread, or a nice red wine that has mellowed in oak. This birthday week was the perfect length thanks to great people that surround me, I was allowed to gradually accept this 10th anniversary of my 30th birthday with ease. Thank you my friends.

I "leaf" (ok leave) in 2 sleeps to the Biggest Loser resort. I made my reservations Dec 1st at 165 pounds and a mere 2 feet tall...okay I am just over 5 foot, but then built quite round. I now am 150 pounds and no taller. So I must grow another 5 inches in height to be less obese and less than 30 BMI. AHH so here it is a picture that shows my tummy. I do plan on an after shot with much smaller leaves if I attain favorable results. So the pinapples on my ass did not make the cut for the before shot and I am mildly disappointed.

I know I am on the right road as my youngest sons first words are "mama" and my oldest son turns 4 tomorrow and I just 4 decades older than that begin to work on me with a little more devotion so I can become a little less rounded and a little more well rounded.


  1. Bon Voyage. The picture is not bad at all. It's kind of cute actually. Anyhow, absorb everything that you will be taught over there and have a great time

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle, enjoy the 40's, this year was my 60th and believe me it wasn't fun.
    I'm looking forward to reading your blog for the next few weeks, I don't think I'm going to be able to talk Jerica into writing one. Hope the two of you meet up with each other later today. Have a great trip! Paulette

  3. Welcome to the 40's! It's a great place to be. We know so much better what we want, why we want it and are motivated to attain it. Wishing you a successful journey at FR.