Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3, Can I break my own barriers?

I am finding my inner strength and I forgot I had it. I can't believe I can wake up in the 5's o'clocks and start a day of adrenaline pumped up exercise. Who would have thunk it? Well I did start with a 3.75 mile bike and 1 mile eliptical, machines I had never used before then went out on a 4.5 mile hike to Third Ravine which was hard due to the rocks and I worried I would break my ankle any minute and need a helicopter ride out, since I am not yet small enough to be carried out successfully. All this on only 283 calories.

The gang took this shot in a real bat cave,
no bats seen but I do feel like I could fight
evil doers. The hike was evil going up the bowl but I will do it again.

Then onto a circuit class, which was awesome using weight machines and cardio. My Achilles started hurting pretty bad last night and actually felt like an arrow through it. Weird sounds mythical but was very real. The cardio aggravates it but I plod on, just to wait for a new pain to take the place of the old one.
The dreaded pool followed, I think its the most challenging since I am only a Pisces by sign and I keep swallowing the salt water which turns out to be sweat water.
My favorite part of the day was kickboxing and I think I needed to knock some walls down maybe a few barriers I have put up myself. I was loving this, okay not during the whole thing but my after glow was hot. Then onto mountain training which killed in a good way when it was over I went3.2 miles at up to 5.2 mph. I actually have come to enjoy the dizziness after the big pushes up hills as a new drug.
I completed this day on only 1093 calories.
We took a trip to Target tonight and I saw 2 real live poligymists, prarrie outfits and bad buns and knew they may want recruit me after my 2 weeks are over as a hot new wife....only in Utah, sorry no picture of them but I was excited.
I will let you know about my new adventures tomorrow and must say this a incredible group of people. Oh and to Jerica's mom, she is doing great.


  1. Hi Ultra Michelle!
    You still have your wicked wit, and you have made me laugh so much tonight just reading your blog. Know that you are not alone in your quest to find the best you you can be. And if you find that answer, please share. I'm on a similar quest and I'd prefer the Cliff Notes if you don't mind. :o) I nearly laughted and cried when I read that someone asked if you were pregnant. I too have had that happen and it BLOWS.

    Hang in there, and know that your friends care about you, and you will rise, phoenix-like, as a smaller, happier version of yourself, ever the quick wit and full of vim and vigor. And you are giving your little boys the best gift ever - a healthy mom who will be around for years and years to come, able to nag them till your heart's content. Now that's worth all those lunges, right? :o) xoxo Michon

  2. I'm whipped just reading about your day. And I just can't imagine doing it all on such few calories. Kudos to you for breaking your own barriers! Stay strong....sounds like you're doing fantastic!

  3. go get em tiger. Party at your house tonight, we will try to leave it clean and organized :)

  4. You did great! You are awesome. I am so proud of you.

  5. I put eyes on the boys tonight- house is really clean!!!! I might adopt ray for the weekend. Oh, and the kids are happy and no one is wearing a cast or ER bracelet. Left some food there so they can have another lunch or dinner. Byron ate a green bean, a rib, some sweet potato and a chocolate cookie the size of his head. pierce is a doll, he had his dinner, flirted with Charlotte, and then went off to sleepy land. It's not the same without you yelling alongside of me, but it's good. You can rest easy knowing everything at home is AOK. Hope you get a good night's sleep before that 5am wake up call. Ciao Bella, AMR